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My Philosophy on Giving Writing Advice

Some of you probably know that I make videos about certain aspects of writing (Fight scenes, sentence structure, magic systems, costs and limitations, etc.). I talk about the craft of creative writing and what makes something the way it is. But one of things that sometimes comes to mind is: Who am I to talk?

This could be something that people who watch my videos might have thought of. I mean, I'm just a 12 year old kid who likes to write and talk about books, who am I to make educational content on creative writing?

So I hope this post answers that question for you.

I want to explain why I started making writing videos. As you probably know, I love writing and I'm writing a book (editing it actually!), and I'm very interested in the craft of writing, I love to pick apart stories I love and try to find out "how they did it" (The author, I mean). And I always loved analyzing books I love to look for writing techniques

That's when I discovered the video essay. An essay put into video format!

So I started making my own, not for youtube (this was before I started my channel), for myself, I wanted to teach myself how to write better, how sharpen my writing skills. I made about three video essays about writing (all different topics) before I started my youtube channel. (Those three haven't been posted on my channel yet 😏).

I continue to make content about writing, and so comes the question....

Why do I have the right to coach people on writing?

The answer is... I don't. I'm not a published author with award winning novels, or someone with thirty years experience. But the thing is, I'm not trying coach people. I do it partly for myself so I can learn, but so you can learn with me. I try to avoid stating things like: "You SHOULD do this" but instead offer something like: "you might want to consider this". Because writing is creative, there is no GOLDEN RULE to success.

The videos I make are partly through some personal experience, but majorly made up of tons of research and analysis. I treat the videos as writing analysis, not something to coach people with.

I don't pretend to be a famous writer, I am just someone who loves to write, I thinks that they can share some of their knowledge and research to others.

Because isn't that the whole point of writing? Sharing with others.

I make these essays to share knowledge with you, knowledge that I gained through research, analyzing books, and seeing what professional writers have to say.

I make videos on writing to teach myself, and just maybe, just maybe, help you.

So I hope this answers this question, thank you so much for watching my videos and coming to my website!

I'll see you in my next writing video which comes out early morning of June 12th!! (Saturday!)

Never stop reading!



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