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Why Flounder? 

Flounder is a monthly educational magazine for all ages. Each issue is a new interesting topic! Flounder is colourful, interesting and fun. It is for those who like to wonder and question our amazing world.

Flounder is taking a Break!

Flounder will not be publishing any new magazines untill most likely September 2021. If you'd like to subscribe, we can offer you a subcription of some of our previous issues (YOU can choose which ones!). We make this decision to ensure that we can keep making magazines our readers love and we are proud of. In order to do this, we need to stay mentally sane (I know, SHOCKER!).

You can learn more here.

Thank you,

Kaidyn Robertson (The guy who pretty much does every single part of the magazine!)

Current issue

March 2021: Japan!

This issue is all about Japan! In this issue we explore the traditions surrounding the Japanese new year, find out about bonsai trees, learn about Japanese art and so much more! 


PLUS learn how to make origami! 

COMING SOON: Leonardo Davinci (April issue)


About Flounder

Flounder is a monthly educational magazine for all ages! It is illustrated throughout its 24 pages. The magazine began back in Fall 2019 and has since then spent almost 2 years providing educational content for the curious! Each issue is a different topic.

In the past we have done: Planet earth, Baking, Brain Science, Explorers and Inventors, and so many more! 

You can see all our past topics on the previous issues page!

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