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Very Important Update

You might be wondering what this post is about. As some of you know, I make a magazine which started back in 2019. Since then, I haven't had a break from making it (remember that everything is done completely by me!). So I've decided that now is a good time to take a few months off, just to catch up a bit. I don't want the making of Flounder to be stressful, it's something I love. But I know that to keep making magazines that I am proud of, I need time off to work on other projects (like my novel, which desperately needs my attention).

This doesn't mean I'll be gone forever, most likely I will return in August or September, but I think it's important that everyone knows this.

As for the people who have contacted me about subscriptions, I will not be making any new magazines so that is put to a halt. However, I can offer you previous issues. (Take a look at my previous issues page to see more).

You can now get subscriptions of some of my most recent issues.

I hope this makes sense to you, as always, if you have any questions just contact me. I really advise you to keep an eye on this blog for info on when new Flounder issues are coming out.




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