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I finished editing a draft of my book!

So... I've been working on a novel for the last 2 years, and for all of 2021 I've been working on the third stage of editing to it.

I started the first draft in 2019, and started the second in fall 2020, then I started this draft, the third, in 2021. And on January 2nd, 2022, I finished editing the third draft! 🥳

I've been working hard at it for the last few weeks so it's really amazing to have it done.

I still haven't finished the novel, there is still more to do, but the bulk of the editing is hopefully done.

I want to make some videos about the process and the journey of making a book in the next little while, so let me what kinds of things you'd be interested in.

I can't explain how happy I feel to have finished it, this draft was the hardest, but also the most fulfilling. It's just so weird to think that I might one day finish it completely... Every step of the way is full of discoveries, of surprises, and I can't wait to continue on my journey of writing a novel.

Also, the photo shows a screen shot of the last page, but I've blurred out the text (no spoilers!😄).

Anyways, I hope all of you have a wonderful day, I know I will.



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