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Artist and Writer

I am an artist and writer, if you would like to view some of my artwork, click here. If you are interested in reading anything I've written, visit my writing page, where I post short short stories, essays and other things. I'm also writing a novel! You can learn more about that by clicking here!

If you were wondering, the photos of food are actually made of clay and half an inch wide.  I make miniature replicas of everyday objects, most often, food. 

But I love other art forms as well!

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That's right! I have a youtube channel


My YouTube channel is where I post stuff on books, writing, and any other Wonder Workshop videos! I post fairly often, usually once a week depending on how long the video is. 

I have an on going series where in each video I analyze a writing methods and techniques, in the past I've done "Writing: Magic Systems" "Writing: Fight Scenes", Writing First Chapters and hooks" and more!!

You can find it here

Flounder Magazine

Flounder Magazine is an educational magazine for all ages. It is illustrated and written by hand, making it unique. Subscribe to this monthly magazine of fun, learning, and art! 

Want to know more? visit our about page!

You can view a sample here