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Thank you for 20 subscribers!

I write this blog post to thank all of those who have subscribed to my youtube channel (and those who have just watched my videos!), I really appreciate it! I'm so glad that you like content, or at least enjoy watching it!

Thank you!


So what exactly are my plans going forward?

Well I've got quite a few ideas on my mind. First, I have a surprise coming this weekend, you'll find out more then! (I'll have a blog post talking about it). Next, I'd like to do a lot more On Writing videos. I know there's only one on there right now, but before I started my channel, I made three on writing videos, they should see the light of day sometime (they require a great deal of re-editing before I can deem them worthy of the channel!). But I've got a new one coming soon and hope to have more in the future. If you ever have ideas for on writing videos, just contact me.

I've also got ideas for non-on writing videos, but what those are is classified information at the moment!

Thank you so much for 20 subscribers!

I thank you so much!



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