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Sammi's Worry Review!

Hey there,

New video is up - a review of Sammi's Worry (by Angela Menzies), a book someone I know published recently! It's a really interesting book that delves into anxiety and and how we can deal with it in the format of a picture book! I explain why I loved it so much in the review so I suggest you watch it if you want my deeper thoughts.

It's got tons of amazing art in it done by Angela Menzies herself which looks really pretty.

I'd definitely encourage you to buy the book! I really enjoyed it!

About: When Sammi went to bed one night, a scary storm was looming and her Worry was scarcely bigger than her shadow. As Sammi’s anxiety begins to grow, so does her Worry. Soon it’s as big as her knees knocking and Sammi is being chased by her growing and monstrous Worry. Get swept away with Sammi during a stormy night and find out if Sammi can confront her Worry and learn to control her anxiety.




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