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Poem: Higger and Jigger

There was once a Higger

And with that Higger was a Jigger

Hither-down the tree willow

Their little heads lie asleep upon their pillow

What sights they now see

So much so that this is told feinderweld the evershine

Their friends splatterlic “I wish that was me!”

“noth is it only us!” Higger and Jigger proclaimed

So that everyone feinderweld the evershine was tentledained

“Nonsense this is!” Splatterliked the friends of Higger and of Jigger

“It is nothing but a hither-up wrong tale of qigger!”

Higger and Jigger sorrowed for noth thought their tale was true

Then, with their heads a rest upon their pillow, one and two

They leapt into Delderfron and Glitenglade,

Forever frolicking upon the tale that was made. 

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